About Us

PowerMoxie is a manufacturer of premium batteries, cables, and other popular power products.

PowerMoxie manufactures cell phone batteries for Apple, Samsung, Motorola, HTC, and other popular brands.

Li-on Battery With the PowerMoxie Li-on battery, there is no need for an initially long charging time. Just place the battery in your cell phone and go! Additionally, there is no periodic discharge required for Li-on batteries, unlike Ni-Cads. Li-on batteries are longer lasting, self-discharging, and low-maintenance.

High Quality All PowerMoxieTM cell phone batteries are put through rigorous production testing before being placed in the hands of consumers. Our strict quality control standards result in highly functioning Li-on batteries design for durability and effectiveness.

Long-Lasting Hate buying new batteries for your phone? Using only Grade A cells, the PowerMoxieTM battery outlasts other leading cell phone batteries. Use for as many as 550+ cycles!

Quick to Charge Tired or waiting hours to unplug your phone while the battery charges? The PowerMoxieTM cell phone battery is a high-speed charger with efficient use of energy.

24 Month Warranty The PowerMoxieTM warranty allows exchanges of batteries for up to two years! Has your battery gotten worn out or slow? Just exchange it within two years for a completely new battery.